Monday, August 22, 2011

Joy - chosen

Happiness is a choice.  Like when we chose our favorite peanut butter, the color of our new car, the college we want to go to, which bill to pay this month.  Choice is all around us, and is the only thing we have control over, yet we seem to think we have no control - no choice.  Why?

How many times have you said out loud... "I have no choice."  Are you sure you didn't?  Are you sure you don't?

There's a wonderful distinction between choice and decision.  Decide, roughly dissected, translates to the murder of the alternative:  De (the other) Cide (murder).  When we decide, we automatically remove the other options and find we have to defend our decision... "I did this because..."  Decisions are therefore not powerful in the scheme of things.  Choice, however, is a powerful entity which requires no defense.  "I chose this because I chose this."

Living in choice makes us strong, resolute, complete.  Choosing allows us to have what we want without explanation, without apology, without a story to back it up.  We choose because we choose.  End of story.

So... today I choose joy.  Do I have issues?  Yes.  Do I have problems?  Yes.  Do I have setbacks?  Yes.  I have all those things, but THEY DON'T HAVE ME.  And that is where the power comes.  You can't stop life from coming at you, but you certainly can choose to not be affected by it.  Life will always present challenges, disappointments, despair, and so forth.  But you don't have to be given by those outside circumstances... you can CHOOSE to overcome them.  All of them.

Choose joy today.  It's the same as choosing sadness - same energy - it's just directed in the direction of your most powerful destiny.

Know yourself, don't NO yourself!

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  1. What a powerful message! I am glad to know that I have the power to choose or decide!