Tuesday, July 26, 2011

SportyGirl Fitness ads Life Coach Steve Truitt to their Transformation Team

ATLANTA, GA (July 26, 2011) – SportyGirl Fitness (SGF), in conjunction with World Class Entertainment Production, has added Los Angeles Life Coach Steve Truitt to their transformational team.  The show is conducting a casting call at 8:00a.m. on Saturday, July 30, 2011 at the Four Seasons Hotel on 75 Fourteenth Street in Atlanta, Georgia. SGF staff will be selecting thirty women to compete in the 90‐day Transformation Challenge and Reality TV Show. “While trying to balance family, a career, health, and spirit, women can easily lose sight of their purpose. Fitness is not just about losing weight...that can occur with any program. SportyGirl Fitness recognizes that every woman is unique and so is her health. Our objective is to meet women where they are, giving them the support and utilities they need to bring about a transformational life‐style change – from the inside out,” said SportyGirl Fitness co‐founders, Basheerah Ahmad and Cheryl‐Cobb Debrosse. Designed as a revolutionary movement, SportyGirl Fitness motivates and assists women in coping with the extraordinary challenges of health, spiritual, financial, physical, and emotional trials in everyday life. Spearheaded by Co‐Founders Basheerah Ahmad, Celebrity Fitness Expert, and Cheryl Cobb‐Debrosse, noted Entertainment Producer and Artist Manager – SGF was created to usher balance and empowerment into the lives of women, through physical training, nutrition consulting and life coaching. During the July 30th casting call, SGF will host a free boot camp in search of applicants who are truly ready to make a serious change and transform their lives...mind, body and spirit. Upon selection, the women will breakout into teams to begin a three‐month race to reach the highest weight loss goal ‐ suggested by Celebrity Fitness Expert, Basheerah Ahmad. Team members will meet 5 times a week for one‐hour training sessions with frequent weight assessments conducted throughout the three‐month process.  Celebrity involvement will include Chante’ Moore as host for the TV project, Vivica A. Fox for the mid‐ contest Boot Camp, and Broadway Star and American Idol finalist, Tamyra Gray. Michael Jai White, a black belt in several karate styles and Film actor appearing in Tyson, Spawn, and Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married Too, will also participate by preparing the women for a self‐defense challenge. The SGF team for the 90‐day Transformation Challenge and Reality TV Show includes, Co‐Founders, Basheerah Ahmad and Cheryl Cobb‐Debrosse along with Life Coach – Steve Truitt, Celebrity Nutritionist‐ Christine Avanti, Celebrity Chef – Sam Bell, international Fitness Star‐ Obi Obadike, Chante’ Moore, Michael Jai White, Vivica A. Fox and a host of other celebrity participants and judges.

Know yourself, don't NO yourself

Monday, July 18, 2011

Your Second Act

Welcome to the world, post 40-year-olds... how you liking it?  Not what you expected?  More?  Less?Different? 

This post is for all of you out there who are feeling cheated by life - those of you who feel that your wishes for success have not been granted.  Okay, so maybe things aren't perfect.  So be it.  What are you going to do about it?

Seriously... what are you going to do?

Because what you may not know is that in many ways you have more power over the rest of your life than you ever did.  You've lived, you've loved, you've stumbled, you've gotten back up, you've stumbled again and gotten back up again.  And through it all, hopefully, you've learned a little something, and with lessons in had you've got a great opportunity to make this second act of your life a life of purpose.

Okay, so it may not have turned out the way you wanted.  You had dreams, plans, ideas, visions.  And for some reason or another, they simply didn't come to fruition - and you worked really hard to make them happen only to be disappointed. 

Here are the three ways to let it go and move on:

1.  Bless it and let it go.  The past is the past.  You took your best shot, you missed the mark, and now other aspects of life have found their way into your daily routine.  You can't move forward until you let go of the past - like an anchor holding you in place.  Say goodbye and move forward.

2.  Take stock.  Look in your life and find where you are successful.  Where do you shine?  Where do you excel?  This is key to creating the second act of your life.  In the creation of the rest of your life you have the wonderful advantage of having made mistakes!

3.  Believe.  This is key.  You - unlike anyone else in the world - are built for something special, something that you possess.  People know you for this trait and love you for it.  If you have any doubt about where you're going, look where you've been happy and made a difference, this is where you have the opportunity to truly create success from the inside out.

Know yourself don't NO yourself

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Give Up

Do you believe in God?

Believer, Atheist and Agnostic alike all use the term 'give up' when they have reached the end of their rope with a difficult situation over which they seem to have no control.

'I give up' they say and move on.

So why those words to describe ending the process of banging your head against the wall?

My own personal theory is it comes from taking your issue and giving it up to God.  'Here God, you take it' which any faithful person will tell you its exactly what God wants you to do - give it up to him.

So what if you don't believe in God, or you 're just not sure?  The result of 'giving up' can still be the same - you're finally letting go of your grip on something that you really have no control over and allowing it to flow back into the universe where it belongs.

Sure, you can work harder, try harder, expect more, try to direct your life in such a way that it will all work out to your grand design and then you'll get hit by a bus 3 days before it all works out!  See, life happens - and what we make of it is how you will see that life.

Look at your life as a plane trip across the country.  You take off from NY and steer your nose toward California and hit auto pilot.  After that, you're almost never on target, in fact, 98% of the time you're off track, needing to make subtle - sometimes major - adjustments to keep you going.  There will be turbulence and smooth times.  All the time your auto pilot is making tiny course corrections keeping you largely on track to your goal, and above the weather.  But in trusting the auto pilot, you're allowing yourself to look out the window and enjoy the ride - to see the sights and marvel at the world around you.  Is that what you do, or do you watch the auto pilot, getting angry every time it has to make a minor course correction?

Bottom line:  there is is great power in understanding that which you have no control over and letting it go.  To know the extent of your persuasion over a situation is true power.  Because ultimately, the only thing you truly have control over is your reaction to life.  So how are you reacting to life?  Are you mad, trying to change the inevitable, or are you calm, resolute, and faithful that life will balance out and what is supposed to happen will?

"Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans" sang John Lennon.  Plan all you want, but understand that life, like the weather, is going to roll through and all you can do is try to get above it.

And in the end, understand that if you feel yourself completely frustrated by life and asking yourself 'why does this always happen to me?' then its time to try something different: give up.  Just try it.  take the thing that frustrates you the most and just 'give it up.'  You'll see that trying to control something over which you have no control was a waste of spirit, and you now have the freedom to sit back, recline your seat and enjoy the ride - the autopilot has got it.

Know yourself don't NO yourself

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

"We Tried..."

Several years ago my sister and I were taking a walk at night.  The sun had just gone down and the starts were shining bright.  As I was looking into the sky (as I always do) I caught a shooting star.  "I missed it," she complained.  "That's because..." I reminded her "You were looking down."

The last shuttle flight is set to take place this Friday, and as the era of NASA's great shuttle flights comes to a close, I want to share my thoughts about the last 30 years and reflect on a culture which has learned to settle for much less while paying for and expecting much more.

For those of you who know me well, you know that I am a NASA historian and enthusiast.  Since I watched Apollo ll launch into the sky in 1969 and turned to ask my mom "Where are they going?" and she replied "They're flying to the moon, they're going to walk on it" I was hooked!  That was the beginning - and indeed the beginning of the end in my opinion - of America's dominance, and our species' greatest achievement of the spirit.  Because when we sent men to the moon it was the culmination of a million or more years of dreaming of it.  In April of 1981 I sat in my father's New York apartment and watched that first launch live, cheering, jumping up and down, and saluting America's great leap forward in technology and spirit.  I watched the landing 3 days later.

In the early 1970's when we had grown tired of the awesome and near impossible task of moon landings, NASA proposed a new vision:  Mars.  To get to Mars, we would need to launch from orbit, thus we would need a space station.  To create a space station, we would need a shuttle to build it.  And the Space Transportation System (Space Shuttle) was born.  Intended to be as regular as airplane flight, just as safe, and cheap to operate, the shuttle turned out to be none of those, and this horse designed by committee became a funnel for money, initiative, and imagination from which no inspiration would flow.

Indeed the shuttle was a distraction from what is possible for human beings - progress.  Yes it built the space station, yes it launched and repaired the Hubble Space Telescope, yes it kept the space program going after an extremely successful series of Apollo missions.  But it didn't do the one thing it was supposed to do aside from it's function:  Inspire.

Anyone who has seen a launch of the shuttle (like I have) will tell you it is truly an awesome thing to witness.  The sound alone is massive, sending shock waves through your chest.  The astronauts who have flown aboard any one of the five shuttles put in service will tell you that it is the most complex, amazing vehicle ever built - "A smooth ride" as John Glenn put it.  The countless employees, engineers, and crews who designed, built, serviced, and refurbished the fleet will tell you that each shuttle was a thrill to work with.  All of that it true.  But at the end of the day - 30 years after the first launch - we are going back to the original designs we used 40 years ago, the capsule, to usher us into our next phase of space travel.

So why am I trashing something that has held my attention for 30 years?  Why am I criticizing the very vehicle I support year after year?  Because we could have done better and we didn't.

In my opinion America (and to a certain extent our species) pinnacled with the moon landings.  The greatest achievement in the history of history was realized within 8 years of its mandate.  John F. Kennedy pointed up and we all looked.  No one questioned the decision, no one fought it, we all stood together and made it happen.  When one of the moon walkers returned from his experience he said "Now what?"  He, like his other 11 fellow astronauts who stood up there, realized that after walking on the moon, there really was nothing that could possibly top it ever!  And perhaps they were right.

And so President Nixon approved the space shuttle program to put us on a heading for Mars - a much riskier, much more difficult goal to accomplish.  But after the moon... now what, right?

But Mars - if we ever even get there - will not hold the same fascination.  Its too far away and there's really nothing for us to do there, other than say we're here!

So why did we go to the moon?  Why did we build the space shuttle?  Why the space station and the Hubble telescope?  Why do we continue to pour countless billions into a program that sees humans simply orbiting the earth over and over and over?

Because without them we would be lost.  One NASA engineer, when asked what he thought of the shuttle program, responded: "We tried."

And this is why I love NASA - with all its faults, cost over runs, misguided policies, and a vision that changes with every fickle administration - NASA continues to represent the best humans can be.  While wars rage on Earth, petty differences divide us, doubt, fear and ignorance consume us, NASA continues to look skyward - daring to try, propelling our species forward.  This is why I continue to watch every launch and landing of the shuttle.  This is why I support the Planetary Society, the National Space Society, and countless other programs (and private space initiative too, by the way) whose main goal is to move the chains down the field and keep us dreaming of a better future.  After all, America has spent more in one year of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars than on the entire accumulated budget of NASA over the last 50 years.

They say when you look up at the sky at night you're looking back in time.  For me, I see the future.  That's why I always choose to look up.

Godspeed Atlantis on your final journey, and here's to NASA - may the sky never be your limit.

Know yourself, don't NO yourself.

Friday, July 1, 2011


What do you believe?  Do you believe you are worth the sweat, the tears and sometimes the blood it takes to create an extraordinary life for yourself... or are you not sure? 

Belief requires faith.  Faith requires trust.  Trust requires risk.  And risk requires belief - belief that you are worth the risk.  To risk failure is to understand that failure is a teacher, not a persecutor. 

This is a scary time for us, we're weary from decade's-long wars, a three-year recession that doesn't seem to have any ending right now, tense friends and neighbors - some without a job - maybe it's you?  Never in our recent history has the future seemed to be less of something to look forward to, and more of something to fear.  And on top of it, we're still just trying to figure out who we all really are and where we fit in all of this.

But the one thing you do have control over is your belief in yourself.  It's true.  Remember what I always say: "You are not your circumstances" and therefore you can rise above the challenges and road blocks and remember that the person who has gotten you through tough times before is still there with you, keeping you going.  I know that it's hard to be led when it is you that you are following, but you can find that one piece of gold inside you that keeps you going, getting up in the morning, trying day after day against seemingly impossible odds, that one feature that your closest friends and loved ones will say is what they love most about you.  Connect with that part of you again, and you will find a way back to belief.  Belief in yourself.

And when in doubt, take a walk.  The world will wait 15 minutes while you clear your head.  You deserve it.

Know yourself, don't NO Yourself.