Monday, July 18, 2011

Your Second Act

Welcome to the world, post 40-year-olds... how you liking it?  Not what you expected?  More?  Less?Different? 

This post is for all of you out there who are feeling cheated by life - those of you who feel that your wishes for success have not been granted.  Okay, so maybe things aren't perfect.  So be it.  What are you going to do about it?

Seriously... what are you going to do?

Because what you may not know is that in many ways you have more power over the rest of your life than you ever did.  You've lived, you've loved, you've stumbled, you've gotten back up, you've stumbled again and gotten back up again.  And through it all, hopefully, you've learned a little something, and with lessons in had you've got a great opportunity to make this second act of your life a life of purpose.

Okay, so it may not have turned out the way you wanted.  You had dreams, plans, ideas, visions.  And for some reason or another, they simply didn't come to fruition - and you worked really hard to make them happen only to be disappointed. 

Here are the three ways to let it go and move on:

1.  Bless it and let it go.  The past is the past.  You took your best shot, you missed the mark, and now other aspects of life have found their way into your daily routine.  You can't move forward until you let go of the past - like an anchor holding you in place.  Say goodbye and move forward.

2.  Take stock.  Look in your life and find where you are successful.  Where do you shine?  Where do you excel?  This is key to creating the second act of your life.  In the creation of the rest of your life you have the wonderful advantage of having made mistakes!

3.  Believe.  This is key.  You - unlike anyone else in the world - are built for something special, something that you possess.  People know you for this trait and love you for it.  If you have any doubt about where you're going, look where you've been happy and made a difference, this is where you have the opportunity to truly create success from the inside out.

Know yourself don't NO yourself

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