Friday, July 1, 2011


What do you believe?  Do you believe you are worth the sweat, the tears and sometimes the blood it takes to create an extraordinary life for yourself... or are you not sure? 

Belief requires faith.  Faith requires trust.  Trust requires risk.  And risk requires belief - belief that you are worth the risk.  To risk failure is to understand that failure is a teacher, not a persecutor. 

This is a scary time for us, we're weary from decade's-long wars, a three-year recession that doesn't seem to have any ending right now, tense friends and neighbors - some without a job - maybe it's you?  Never in our recent history has the future seemed to be less of something to look forward to, and more of something to fear.  And on top of it, we're still just trying to figure out who we all really are and where we fit in all of this.

But the one thing you do have control over is your belief in yourself.  It's true.  Remember what I always say: "You are not your circumstances" and therefore you can rise above the challenges and road blocks and remember that the person who has gotten you through tough times before is still there with you, keeping you going.  I know that it's hard to be led when it is you that you are following, but you can find that one piece of gold inside you that keeps you going, getting up in the morning, trying day after day against seemingly impossible odds, that one feature that your closest friends and loved ones will say is what they love most about you.  Connect with that part of you again, and you will find a way back to belief.  Belief in yourself.

And when in doubt, take a walk.  The world will wait 15 minutes while you clear your head.  You deserve it.

Know yourself, don't NO Yourself.

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