Thursday, October 20, 2011

Crisis Management

Are you grateful for the bad as well as the good? To live life fully, understanding that a crisis can often turn into an opportunity for growth, is what will allow you to truly accept your life and find peace and joy despite obstacles. There is a great saying: We are never as happy or unhappy as we think we are. Wise words, and if you think about it, you'll see it's really true.

With a huge pit in my stomach I share with you that my wife and I found out that yet another family we are close to has a child who has been diagnosed with cancer. That makes 5 close friends of ours with kids who are going through some kind of treatment for cancer - none of them older than 8 years old.

When we heard the latest news, we were devastated for our friends. We collected our two beautiful children and hugged them tight, giving them every ounce of love, health, and abundance we could. But the parents of these children all have one thing in common my wife and I are certain we may not be able to possess: Resolve. None of them - NOT ONE OF THE PARENTS - has ever said to us "Why me? Why my child? This isn't fair!" Instead they have become advocates, leaders, experts at things called hydrocephalus and multiple myeloma. They research, investigate, probe, question, get 9 opinions, and demand the best from every doctor - all while remaining poised and positive for their stricken child. These ordinary folks have become leaders of their cause, advocates for their children, heroes to the rest of us. It's an incredible thing to witness.

I have learned so much about strength from people I would never judge for falling apart due to their circumstances. Instead I have seen these brave parents (and their brave children) rise to the challenges in front of them and I am humbled. And I am grateful for what I have.

The Chinese symbol for crisis is also the symbol for opportunity. Who are you in times of great challenge? What lemon in your life will you turn to lemonade today? And what are you grateful for right now? I wish all of you the best of health.

Be your best!

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