Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Being Of Service - Creating a More Productive, Happier YOU

What is your gift? What are you better at than anyone you know? Are you sharing that talent with the world?

I can tell you in my own life that discovering my true calling; coaching people through transitions in their lives, was only the beginning of my journey toward so called ‘success.’ Once I had a clear picture of who I was as a coach, I was still left with that nagging question: “Now what?”

If you’re stuck in a “Now What?” phase situation, the best move to take is toward knowing yourself and your skills better. Below are my 4 Players of Productivity. Each character represents a part of the brain that we all access from time to time. You will no doubt relate to one or two of these players.

1. She’s the Boss – The leader, the person in charge who has a final vision in mind and gets the best people around her to accomplish the task at hand. She is demanding, but acknowledging, tough, but fair. She rules the roost. Her no-nonsense approach takes no prisoners, but leaves none behind.

2. The Idea Guy. He takes the boss’s vision and conceptualizes a big picture plan of what the outcome can look like. He sees the project from start to finish without sweating the details. He gets excited about the plan, rallies the group, and explains the vision with gusto. His creativity and spirit motivates the group.

3. Room Mom. The nurturer of the group. She makes sure that everyone is happy, working together, and has everything they need to work effectively. Not concerned with outcomes, details, or the big picture, the HRC simply wants everyone to have the best experience possible working together to create the best possible outcome.

4. The Accountant – You’ll find him in the back room with his head down, focused intensely on the details of the project: budget; contracts; specific wording; and all the other details that must be attended to in order to make sure the project is done right the first time. Without the Accountant, too many things would be left to chance, increasing risk, and minimizing results.

You may have a combination of two or three of these key players. A rare few possess all four equally. If you’re stuck in the “Now What?” phase and need a boost, get out and let your strongest trait shine to the world. Be the Boss and lead the PTA at your kids’ school. Take on the VP role and conceptualize a neighborhood block party, getting others on the block to work out the details and invitations. If you’re the HRC type, step up at work where you can utilize your caring, nurturing style to increase happiness and productivity. And if you’re the accountant type, see if there’s someone in your life who needs a detail-oriented person like you to help them sort through a mess.

The answer to the “Now What?” questions may be out of your control. But if you’re not happy, you’re not utilizing your talents to their fullest. Don’t worry about getting paid right now – there’s more in the joy of doing what you do best (and doing it for others) than any paycheck can bring. Serve, and see what comes back to you.

Know yourself, don’t know yourself

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