Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Fear Itself

Fear is in the mind. So it stands to reason that if the mind can create the fear, then it can cure the fear as well, right?

As reported in the Sept 7th issue of Science Daily...

"When healthy people are faced with threatening situations, they react with a suitable behavioural response and do not descend into a state of either panic or indifference, as is the case, for example, with patients who suffer from anxiety."

The study goes on to show how scientists have identified the stress-causing circuits which can cause anxiety and increase unwanted fear, hoping to create a more specific drug to treat the symptoms of fear and anxiety.

The shame here is that you and I both know what causes the anxiety which increases the fear. Anxiety is fear of the future turning out badly. If we project a bad outcome, based on previous bad outcomes, we will focus on that unreal, but projected outcome and assume its going to happen - opening up a flood gate of emotions, fears, and behaviors which will steer us right into the outcome we so fear. This is known as a self-fulfilling prophecy. It's like driving on a snowy road; conditions are slick and dangerous. All of a sudden we see a light pole ahead and we want to avoid it, but because it is something we fear, it becomes the one thing we focus on and eventually we smash right into it! This is what anxiety does to our lives - it steers us right into the very thing we fear, because it is the very thing we're focusing on.

Try this simple exercise to reduce anxiety...

Pick something in your future that scares you: A job interview; a blind date; public speaking; paying your property taxes! Now close your eyes and imagine yourself 15 minutes after the event feeling amazing, everything went off without a hitch, you nailed it, nothing went wrong! Now take that emotion and put yourself 15 minutes before the event. Where's the fear? Is it still there, or is it gone?

Remember... fear is created by our own minds, so we can stop it and reverse it. Understand that the reason you fear something is because you don't have a relationship with its positive outcome. So create one, and the anxiety will melt away.

Know yourself, don't NO yourself

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